Why Did You Become a Mason?

I was probably first introduced to Masonry as a senior in high school while researching fraternities to join when I went to college. I had always thought that part of the college experience was to join a fraternity, but I had no idea as to which one.  So as I researched the various African American fraternities for college men, somehow, some way, Freemasonry would always come up. So the natural thing to do would be to research that too. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Masonry was full of blood sucking, devil worshiping, evil (white) men that were focused on world domination and creating a one world government. They were our country's founding fathers and everybody that was somebody was a Mason. They were all powerful and had more secrets than a man cheating on his wife with his sister. The more I learned about them, the more I wanted to know. I came across many websites refuting those horrible claims and learned that the rituals from college frats were derived from Masonic rituals. I guess Masonry couldn't be that evil then. 

So I joined Alpha Phi Alpha which has all these elaborate Egyptian themes and what not. During my research, it would appear that Masonry was founded in Egypt. So it seemed like the natural progression would be to jump into the big leagues and join the adult frat. The one that takes good men and makes them better. I mean after all, I did see a a lot of Masons at homecoming with line jackets and other 'nalia. They weren't quite like the other frats though. They didn't stroll or party hop or step. They didn't use hand signs or have verbal calls. For whatever reason, I thought that was cool. I saw a lot of PHO and PHA. Had no idea what that meant, so I had to find out. That's when I realized that not only were there white Masons and black Masons, but there are a few "different kinds" of black Masons. I likened it to streets gangs in a sense, where you have guys that "false claim". They might know some info, but they were never or aren't currently legitimate members. Needless to say, I realized what was bogus. I wanted to be a part of the real. The guys that were doing community service. Being visible in their neighborhoods. I wanted to fellowship with like minded individuals that were different minded individuals, at the same time. I could do those things, get a little "light" and upset some white people at the same time, because I would have gotten something that they didn't want me to have. That was right up my ally. 

I have this friend thats a "Mason". I asked him first, not knowing at the time that he was a Scottish Rite guy. The way that he handled everything, I wasn't even sure that he was a real fake Mason.  Needless to say it worked out, or I would've found myself in a Clandestine lodge meeting in somebody's tool shed in his backyard. I stumbled across a member of WC Thomas, and the rest is history. Long story short, I wanted to continue what I was doing in college, but I wanted to take the next step in the progression; going from a college frat to a frat that birthed all others. I was fascinated by the symbolism of Freemasonry and I wanted in. And so that is why I became a Mason, for all intents and purposes. 

Why did you become a Mason?


Bro. Tyshon Byrd